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We pride ourselves on the work we do for our
clients. Guiding them every step of the way.
We pride ourselves on the work we do for our clients. Guiding them every step of the way.

A collaberative approach

Understanding your business process is of key importance to our team, this allows us to develop highly integrated solutions designed to improve efficiency within your business, reduce your costs and are just a pleasure to use.

We work with you to create great products

From large projects, to projects that require rapid delivery we like to focus on; discover, team, environment, build, iterate and deploy. This is a tried and tested approach that has worked for our clients, past and present.


Working closely with you from concept we gain a thorough understanding of your needs and vision to foster a good working relationship, which in turn offers trust and transparency.


Great importance is placed on dialogue and collaboration at regular intervals throughout the whole project, between client / stakeholders and our team to ensure the process is efficient, effective and streamlined.


We provide a full service which allows for the full life cycle of a project to encompass and promote changes seamlessly; through the environments from development to QA and finally into production.


During the build phase we use an agile iterative approach which ensures there is rapid feedback so we can react to changes quickly. We use technologies that allow us to rapidly develop solutions without compromising quality.


Early feedback is crucial to create applications that exceed expectations. To achieve this we aim to develop one of more demonstrable features in each sprint. The feedback provided is then used to iterate over subsequent sprints.


Using the latest technologies the deploy process is highly automated to ensure consistency. We use tools such as Jenkins, Selenium WebDriver and Nagios to verify and manage our deployments and ensure our services are up and functional.

We promote a close and open relationship

Our teams work using the Scrum framework to promote a close and open working relationship with our clients. Stake holders and product owners are actively involved during ceremonies, and we encourage open and honest communication.