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At MOHC we have a wide range of
talented and skilled professionals.
At MOHC we have a wide range of talented and skilled professionals.

A wide range of skills and services

The people at MOHC are our greatest asset. Our experience in delivering IT solutions for healthcare and the skills we possess provide us with the expertise to rapidly deliver excellent solutions.


We embrace modern agile approaches to software development, using B.D.D to specify the desired behavior of each implementation.


We are enthusiastic supporters of S.O.L.I.D programming design principles. Creating more maintainable and fault tolerant solutions.


Assuring the quality of our software is at the heart of our development. We use Test Driven Development and Acceptance Test Driven Development as the major principles of our testing approach. This ensures that we capture the desired behaviours as early as possible, instead of testing what the developers have created,


We are experienced in the information governance requirements of both EU and US legislation. Our UK solutions are designed in accordance with the IGT and Caldicott principles. In the US we are compliant with HIPAA regulations.


From pixel perfection icons, to user interface designs, we offer a wide range of skills to bring your ideas to life, or give your business a fresh up to date look. We work with you to communicate your ideas through a comprehensive and well thought out design process.

User experience

Whether creating a product from the ground up, or working with you to improve an existing product, we strive to give users the best possible experience by enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use and pleasure provided in the iteration between your product and your users.

Solutions for any
size of project

Solutions for any size of project

We have experience working with larger organisations and smaller organisations alike. Some of our larger clients prefer up-front definition of requirements and visibility of progress and risk through project documentation.

Our recent projects

Lloyds Pharmacy

We have a long term partnership with Lloyds Pharmacy and supply two agile software teams who maintain, develop and support the Online Doctor platform.


The medic mobile app is a proof of concept mobile application for the triaging of patients at a GP practice.  The app provides an alternative route for a patient booking an appointment at a GP practice to opt for online treatment.